A Fun Fact About Coyotes [OC]

A Fun Fact About Coyotes [Oc]

Another cool webcomic posted by ChumpsLand, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. Of course, the Devil could KILL YOU if he wanted. He’s just… “toying” with you. Not really that, he’s trying to make you become your better self by playing the enemy. And, he’s having fun too, look at all the machines Wille built.

  2. Native Americans had a very righteous saying about coyotes.

    “Never trust a coyote.”

    They plan, they scheme, they fake out, they feign friendliness.

    Dogs fight for dominance in the pack. Coyotes only fight to kill. They see dogs as just prey. Dog walkers can chase off most dogs with pepper spray. For coyotes they need a gun.