A Halloween Comic – Hope you are having a great spooky season!

A Halloween Comic - Hope you are having a great spooky season!

Another cool comic posted by kb-creations, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. I used to live on a cul de sac at the edge of town, with a crazy guy that raised pigeons and hung random garbage all over his yard at the end of the street, so it was extra creepy looking. Never got a single trick or treater, and thus had to resign myself every year to eating the candy myself (I know. It was a Terrible Burden to bear). I would’ve been this lady if I ever was startled by a kid actually appearing on Halloween.

    I have since moved to a house close to a school and a mall, and last year was my first Halloween there. I bought a couple of bags that year, figuring there’d actually be kids, but by the end of the night, I had to make TWO candy runs to refill. Apparently I’m now in a popular neighborhood, and it was a BLAST! My parents were uber religious and never let us celebrate Halloween, and I never realized it was so much fun to watch the kids run around so excited to show off their costume!

    This year I’m a lot more prepared, and I’m even going to dress up myself! I found a cute little face mask that gives you a cat nose and whiskers, so it’s even covid friendly!

  2. Something like this happened to me as a kid. Knocked on a Door for a house with no decorations and a lady told me I was the only trick or treater she had gotten. She gave me several full sized hershey bars.

  3. When I first moved to the village I’m in I got sweets for the kids on Halloween. No one came by. So I haven’t gotten any since. Then new kids moved in and actually came to the door. I didn’t have sweets and could only offer them apples. This year I’ll get sweets again.

  4. This comic hits home hard.

    This happened to me and my little brother one year when we lived out in the sticks.

    Halloween sucks when you live out on the country. All the houses were far apart and a lot of people didnt bother with Halloween at all.

    We lucked out and had a retired couple who just moved out to our area, and they didnt realize there were so few kids trick or treating. They had an entire punch bowl filled with candy and we were the only ones to show up. They gave us the whole thing.

    The next year, we were super excited to go back, but they didnt have any candy because of what happened the year before. We were visibly upset, since we thought we were going to hit the jackpot again. They gave us a dollar to spend on candy, which back in the early 70s, was more than enough to get several full sized candy bars.