A is for…

A is for...

Another cool comic posted by hoomph, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. You mean conservatives. Don’t blame me for conservatives being shitty. That’s just being a racist and a misandrist.

    I’ve been a progressive ethical vegan since probably before you were born. Why aim your hatred at me? What did me and the other “old white men” like me ever do to deserve that? The sheer amount of hatred I get these days purely for the color of my skin and the fact that I was born with a penis is disgusting.

    Please be a better person. Aim your hatred towards those who deserve it.

  2. But what about an old white man who’s an expert on women’s sexual health and psychology? Is he automatically barred from the conversation just because he has a dick?

    Also what does his skin colour and age got to do with anything.

  3. Well… you lot keep voting them on. If all women banded up in a region and voted certain way they could basically rule. Quick googling shows that women make up 50,4% of Texas.

    Or is that women can’t vote, run office, or something like this? Because they are chained in to the kitchen by their husbands, to cook the children and care for the dinner?

    Observing USA, especially anything related close to elections is always fun.

  4. Yeah, and you can’t make laws about illegal immigrants unless you are one. You can’t critique art unless you’re an artist. Want to lower the military budget? Only veterans get to vote. All genius.

  5. I wonder…in countries where “white” isn’t the historically dominant visual obsession….do they decry “old brown men” or do they choose a different form of racism/bigotry like “old bossy women” or something. This whole “fire with fire” angle is getting tiresome. Whatever happened to just all of us being humans? Tribalism be damned.

  6. Wow, so many triggered white men in this thread! Do you not understand the irony here of getting offended by this my fellow white men? Get off your high horses.

    I enjoyed this, thank you OP.

  7. Wow, your opinion is very relevant. I loved how the argument was built with logic, and not just 2 adjectives. Thank you very much op!

    Btw, I wonder who was your president choice in the last election 🤭