cat rationale

cat rationale

Another cool comic posted by theycantalk, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. More accurate is if there is already food in the bowl with a hole eaten out of the middle.

    Then you need to pick it up, stir it, and present it like it’s fresh food. Then the kitty will reject it because he knows you’re trying to fool him with old food. So you waste half a tin of whatever expensive food that is the only one he will eat and crack open a fresh one.

    You dish it out and he licks the gravy off and leaves the rest of it.

  2. Our cat asks for food by silently jumping up on my bed and smacking me, then immediately running away. Then doing it again. And again. And again.

    Eventually I get up, blearily get him his breakfast, then go back to bed.

    And *then* the little bastard comes *back* into my bedroom yowling and meowling and caterwauling. As if he’s *VERY DISAPPOINTED* that no one is watching him eat.

    In conclusion, bastard cats are a land of contrasts.

  3. Wow, whoever owns this cat is lucky. All ours go on destructive rampages knocking everything down in the house until we comply with their needs. I wish they just gradually meowed louder.

    It’s cuddle, cuddle, hey human… no not getting it? Alright straight to the death of all you love and need.