Creepiest Fan Theories

Creepiest Fan Theories

Another cool comic posted by But_a_Jape, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. What’s the creepiest fan theory you’ve heard of? Mine is that Scooby-Doo is actually dead, and the entire series is just his dying dream!

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  2. The worst I heard for Harry Potter is that he’s lived inside the ~~closest~~ cupboard under the stairs his entire life and the events of the books all take place inside his battered and horribly abused brain.

  3. Those are the worst theories. The creepiest ones, though, are almost always related to the actual creators of the content; like, how somebody working on iCarly apparently liked feet a bit too much, and literally asked for pictures of kid’s feet using an official iCarly social media account under the guise of it being a funny show reference. I don’t think that technically ever got proven as being intended that way, but if it is, it’s a lot creepier of a fan theory than “iCarly is dead and the show is her dream or something”.

  4. Honestly I even hate this interpretation of Jacob’s Ladder which popularized it. I feel like the movie is perfect up until the point where it is like “yeah he totally dreamt up what the 80’s where gonna be like in his dying moments”.

  5. No kidding, there was a popular sitcom in Spain where the main character wakes up from a comma on the last episode, and everything was a dream. I think something like that happened as well in the Doraemon anime.

  6. Yeah I really try to avoid theories like that. Not only do you see a million of them, but saying it was all a dream is often a cheap way of solving things, and having everything make sense.

  7. I blame Jacob’s Ladder and St. Elsewhere for this.

    I’m sure people could have come up with this theory on their own, but those two things actually did it, lending credibility to the concept.

    My theory is that the people who come up with these are actually dead, and the entire series are just their dying dream.

  8. I like how these theories take two of the most hated tropes, “it was all just a dream” and “main character is actually dead in purgatory” and turns it into one shitty trope

  9. “What if the characters of this fantastical story were actually doing something mundane?” is a really popular fan fiction trope. Taking characters from a fantasy, sci-fi, or other bigger-than-life story and making them interact in a coffee shop or high school, for example. This kind of thing is only different in that it’s darker and by calling it a “fan theory” you don’t have to associate yourself with the “fan fiction” community.

    I think these things can be kind of a fun little thought experiment if you actually attempt to tie them in to aspects of the story, though, as opposed to just a blanket “these things can’t happen in the real world therefore the whole thing is a hallucination!” Do Pokémon represent something from Ash’s real life? Is being hit by a harmful spell how Harry interprets his life support failing? Careful, though, if you expand on it too much then you’re just writing fan fiction again.