Doki Doki: Resurrection

Doki Doki: Resurrection

Another cool comic posted by chonation, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. Giving the game a distinctive title I think is distracting from the joke. I sat here going “what does this have to do with Dokie Dokie Literature Club? Or Doki Doki Panic? Wait, this doesn’t say either… Does it have something to do with heartbeats then?”

    Finally realized that’s just a stand-in for “generic videogame”.

  2. One thing that made the punchline more confused for me was that Doki Doki is itself a mindfuck-blurring-reality kind of game, so I was expecting that to be relevant in the punchline. It was an accidental red herring.

  3. I got the joke, but I think it would have more impact if you cleaned up and put more effort into panel 3. I have NO idea what’s happening there. What’s that gray blob supposed to represent?