Dressed for Success

Dressed for Success

Another cool webcomic posted by amirlopez, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. Management are *never* happy with workplace changes. In a small office with just three of us and a huge backlog of work, I created a policy of “as long as one of us is in during business hours, to watch the phone, the other two can take care of family stuff.” It became ridiculous, as the other two were coming in early and late, on weekends, and from a six month backlog we ended up six months ahead, in short order.

    Finally, my boss asked me what was going on. When I told him we had done close to a year of work in just a month, he immediately told me to cut that out, or we would be catching flak from all directions, and soon. Being a smart guy, I followed orders and glad I did. I narrowly missed getting trampled by peers and higher ups.