Exercise (OC)

Exercise (OC)

Another cool comic posted by shoutfancycomics, originally seen on Reddit.


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  2. Doing lots of exercise is hard. It requires discipline. To do it regularly means that some days you have to will yourself to get up, even if you don’t feel like, and do something difficult.

    The motivation to do so is most often based on s of improvement in some way. That means not only do you have a change mindset, but it means that you’re willing to recognise weakness in yourself and work on them, at the very least in one aspect.

    Also, if you workout, you often fail, and are often surrounded by others who are stronger and fitter than you. It’s pretty easy to find humility in that

    Of course it’s possible for people to still be jerks or arrogant or something else, but the will to exercise is often both a indicator of a good personality, and often exercising is a good way for people to improve their personality.