extending the Florida vacation [oc]

extending the Florida vacation [oc]

Another cool comic posted by slavicgarlic, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. Keeping germs away from your body is called hygiene.

    We are literally living in a country where some people’s hygiene is so bad it can be lethal, and they believe they have the right to be so disgusting and gross as to kill people.

  2. In reference to the comic, would it not make sense to ask about the cases, recoveries and unfortunate deaths. After all we do not want the worst for people, therefore it is only balanced to ask, with a depiction of the grim reaper on the comic, how many people have thankfully recovered from the illness.

    [cases, recoveries and deaths.](

  3. Total Covid deaths in those under 18 since Jan 2020: 412

    Deaths from flu in those under 18 in 2018/2019 season: 477

    Can we stop pretending Covid is going to kill all of our children if they go to school?

  4. Florida population: 21.6 million
    Covid Cases: 3.42 million
    Deaths: 48,772

    If you live in Florida you have a 16% chance of getting Covid and a .002% chance of dying from it. Florida also has an older age median.

    What are the numbers on a “good state?”

  5. Wouldn’t it be great if science and not bullshit was used to help save the lives of people. There is nothing unconstitutional about wearing a mask. Let’s work together and kick COVIDS ass and then we can work together to fix the climate