First ink. Done by Suzan Tattoozan. At Whiteaker tattoo Eugene Oregon USA

First ink. Done by Suzan Tattoozan. At Whiteaker tattoo Eugene Oregon USA

Another cool tattoo posted by Thundersson1978, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. This takes “bonehead” to a whole new level!


    Jokes. I see that you went through some traumatic injury and respect you fully for this badass tattoo that I imagine is part of your greater healing journey.

  2. phenomenal claiming of a surgery scar – well, even moreso the surgery that resulted in the scar. as someone facing and dreading brain surgery in my future (with waist length hair) I cannot give you enough kudos for this incredibly tattoo. Solid gold my friend.

  3. My first reaction was “Why would you do this?”

    2nd reaction was after I saw the scar line on your neck and was more along the lines of “Ok thats legitimately cool!”

    Basically a complete 180

  4. So as a head piece as your first piece, how was it man? And out of curiosity, why this as your first piece? Its very fun to look at! Just like to know the story because every intricate tattoo has a good one

  5. I had surgery on my arms which has caused nerve damage. I’m also considering tattoos to do 2 things, first to cover the wide hideous scars and second to increase feeling if possible. I’m really excited about it as I think of specific items for my arm sleeve.

  6. Props for a first tat n a head piece at that, takes guts. However the design is cool but the artist did you dirty with the horrible line work, looks amateur at best imo. If your happy with it that’s all that matters.