First tattoo – all of a sudden I need ideas due to a massive scar I’ll be left with. Vienna, Austria.

First Tattoo - All Of A Sudden I Need Ideas Due To A Massive Scar I’ll Be Left With. Vienna, Austria.

Another cool tattoo posted by KaligulaG1, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. Don’t know you or what you like, but it could be a dandelion (or some plant or flower that has meaning for you)/ or a creepy centipede/snake… if I were you, I’d start thinking about what you want your body to always say.

  2. I don’t know your likes or dislikes, but the first thing that comes to mind is a tall ass palm tree with a beach chair and ocean motif that wraps around. I think you can pick a lot of trees and plants for cover up. I’m sure you have one hell of a story with the scar, best of luck on a speedy recovery!

  3. As someone with a large scar on my lower back, I know the feeling. I chose a clip art style, simple, band aid outline. I hated my scar for years so I chose to have fun and turn it into a laugh. Life has been so much better every since

  4. If you’re into movies, get laces on it with “laces out Dan!”. Or maybe some sewing theme? I loved peanuts growing up so I would totally do something with snoopy sewing lol

    Or maybe have something wrap around it. Like a vine or Xmas lights or something. I just said Xmas lights because they’re happy the idea is funny to me. Would be a hell of a conversation starter if you wanted it… then again maybe to much of a conversation starter.

  5. Wait until that healed for a year or two.

    A zipper would be fun, with a bit of skin flapping open at the top

    Be warned though, tattooing over a thick ass tattoo hurts like a biatch

  6. You might wait a bit to see how it heals (I’ve had the same type of stitches on two foot surgeries). The easy they’ve done the stitches (where the skin of the incision is slightly higher) is to minimize scarring. As it heals, that skin is pulled very close together, where the nature of scar tissue tends to spread. Mine are to the point where I barely see them if I’m not actively looking for them. But this thread has lots of great ideas if you have your mind made up to cover it.