First tattoo care advice? My 5 day transparent bandage came off in my sleep bc i put it on while the tat was to moist and I am wondering if it’ll be okay without as long as I moisturize and wash. I had one on for 24 hours but the 2nd bandage did not stick. Semi itchy on the edges but healing well

First Tattoo Care Advice? My 5 Day Transparent Bandage Came Off In My Sleep Bc I Put It On While The Tat Was To Moist And I Am Wondering If It’ll Be Okay Without As Long As I Moisturize And Wash. I Had One On For 24 Hours But The 2Nd Bandage Did Not Stick. Semi Itchy On The Edges But Healing Well

Another cool tattoo posted by Inevitable-Ladder147, originally seen on Reddit.


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