Full Life

Full Life

Another cool comic posted by afterdeathcomics, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. The reason Peach keeps getting kidnapped is Mario is setting it up. Over the generations he recreates the same setup: selecting a new Bowser and Peach and replaying the same scenario that won him the affection of the original.

  2. Now I want a movie based in the Mario Universe where someone goes hunting for a green mushroom to save a dying loved one. They fail in the end, but they manage to collect 100 coins along the adventure and still save their friend

  3. Atom Eve will outlive Invincible. And their daughter. And every other living being because when she dies she just comes back as a young woman. At least Mario has a limited number of lives. He can just keep blowing the roof off of his own skull to get it over with quicker. Atom Eve is stuck.

  4. Let’s be real, why would a princess want to be with a plumber? We all know she’s with bowser. Peach only pretends to be kidnapped because it’s easier than dealing with a plumber always sexually harassing you