Another cool comic posted by DanbyDraws, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. Serious comment: you reach an age where the weird “back in my day” instincts kick in, and it really can take effort to remind yourself “You were young and rebellious once too. Shut up and let them be.”

  2. Dude zoomers blow my mind. I was reading an article the other day that said a lot of them are seeking climate change related work. Why? Because they feel they have no choice. Every other generation failed them so now they have to save themselves.

    When I was that age I was getting stoned, walking through the McDonald’s drive thru with my friends and pretending to be in a car. I even made all the engine noises and rolled through gears.

  3. I always think this when I see anything I find cringe from today’s youth then I remember my past and strangely let it go. Especially the flare trousers of the 90’s , spiking the centre par-ten in my hair and wearing a bikers jacket before owning a motorbike.