Harsh barrier to entry

Harsh barrier to entry

Another cool comic posted by Alzward, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. honestly tho I don’t think I can recommend it in it’s current state, **bearing in mind it’s still in early access**. The core gameplay is still mostly there, but they’ve introduced a lot of new mechanics that are just kinda frustrating. For example, units can now get negative stress effects from something **positive** happening, like another character “taking their kill”. There’s new relationship stuff between the heroes as well, and it’s **completely** arbitrary whether or not they get along, and if they don’t, good friggin luck getting anywhere. This is made worse by the fact that runs now take several hours, mostly because you have to manually drive the stagecoach between nodes, which takes just way too long and really has no reason to exist.

    In conclusion, only buy it if 1) you want to support the studio and have high hopes for what they’re capable of, or 2) have an extremely high tolerance for bullshit