Hope this joke wasn’t used before [OC]

Hope this joke wasn’t used before [OC]

Another cool comic posted by teehee_comics, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. Reminds me of a time me and buddy got lost driving into Chicago because we took a wrong exit on our way in which made the written instructions useless. So I’m like, “Wait, my dad keeps a book of state maps in the back of the seat pocket, get it out!”. And so we take out this giant ass book that has a state road map of every state, go to Illinois and luckily found out that they do close ups of the major cities off to the side. The unlucky part was not realizing that it only showed the major streets and none of the side roads, so we ended up going several blocks out of our way to get to our destination not realizing we could have just gone down one the roads inbetween.