Huh, Ants, am I right?

Huh, Ants, am I right?

Another cool comic posted by Moe_Comix, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. “But what if I was – like – the size of a building?”

    “According to my calculations, your circulatory system design would be wholly inadequate for any being that size, and that’s not speaking about your exoskeleton…”

  2. Dr. Entmann makes this joke precisely in season 3, episode 7 (“What Comes Up, Must Go Down) of the Venture Bros.

    *And let me tell you somethin’ about ants! You know that whole “Ants can lift a hundred times their own weight” thing? It’s a myth! Think about it. What’s an ant weigh? Like, nothin’. What nothin’ times a hundred?*