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  1. My father insists on getting to the terminal 2 hours early. Like bag checked in sitting down in the terminal seat 2+ hours before flight starts boarding.

    Sometimes the previous planes occupants are still sitting and waiting.

    Last time I drove him to the airport I missed the exit, no biggie go down to the next exit and turn around. In the 5ish mins it took to turn around he had a complete meltdown about how late we’re gonna be.

  2. Let’s see:
    – 1 hour to get everyone out of the door
    – travel time to the airport (1 hour where I used to live)
    – +0.5 hours for travel delays, parking, etc.
    – +0.5 hours to get into the airport (shuttle bus or whatever)
    – 1 hour to check in
    – 1 hour to get through security
    – 1 hour to have some food/browse the shops before sprinting to your gate

    To be honest it sounds like your dad is cutting it pretty close…