I Covered Some Gnarly 3rd Degree Burn Scars with a Fire Dragon by Adam Sky, Morningstar Tattoo, Belmont, California

I Covered Some Gnarly 3rd Degree Burn Scars with a Fire Dragon by Adam Sky, Morningstar Tattoo, Belmont, California

Another cool tattoo posted by Tattoodles, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. I’m posting as the artist, not the client. My client came to the shop with some extensive 3rd degree burn scars around the entirety of his forearm that extended from his wrist to just above the elbow. He told me that several tattooers had turned him down prior to visiting my shop, as every artist that he had talked to told him that the scars were not able to absorb tattoo ink. I agreed to try but with the caveat that I wasn’t sure how hard it would be to tattoo the scar tissue. To my surprise his skin took to tattooing extremely well and absorbed the ink with much less fuss than expected. The tattoo healed perfectly, too (this is a healed photo). Total application time was approximately 12 hours over 4 sessions.

  2. Incredible work! like you mentioned know alot of artists that would have turned that down:/ but that was very awesome of you to atleast try, and you killed it! i bet hes so stoked!

  3. Amazing, and I bet he really really loved it too! Can i ask if he found it affecting the pain levels in any way? Like was it more or less than normal (since you’re tattooing scar tissue)

  4. This is just so wonderful. What you did OP… to give this man back some of his pride in his appearance is just heartwarming. Like the guys who do coverups of gang tats and self harm scars… These tats can be a game changer for peoples mental health and self confidence.

    Sometimes the risk of doing something with unknown results can lead to the most amazing of outcomes.

    Sending you a virtual high five, ’cause I can’t give you one in real life.

  5. Interesting, I have a very large 3rd degree scar on my arm too, I have wondered what it would be like to get tattooed as I find the skin there very sensitive. I don’t think I would get it covered though, I have had it so long and I like the uniqueness of it.

  6. If anyone with scars that have been tattooed over knows, this had to hurt incredibly bad unless the nerves are completely dead. Touch ups hurt more than the first due to scar tissue.