“It sounds bad when you say it like that” – Context in comments

It sounds bad when you say it like that

Another cool webcomic posted by chipmunkbay, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. **Context:** The guy in the green shirt is Cloney. He’s a clone of Shawn, before Shawn became a floating skull. Cloney has spent that last several months locked in an insane asylum, but he escaped, and wants revenge.

    He keeps saying ‘we’ because there’s actually several dozen other clones there as well (but I didn’t draw them because reasons).

    If any of that sounded interesting… I have several of the ‘Clone’ specific comics tagged here:

    For a more complete exploration of the story, you could read the following story segments:

    * [New Roommate]( (10 comics)
    * [Shawn is crazy]( (15 comics)
    * [Heeeeere’s Cloney!]( (9 comics)