its an easy fix really

Its An Easy Fix Really

Another cool comic posted by eastcoastitnotes, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. Unfortunately it’s not easy at all because you’re ignoring the mental Health issues that often cause individuals to be homeless. Those same Issues often prevent someone from being a tenant that can successfully cohabitate near other people. It’s really tragic but true. Personal hygiene, dangerous levels of clutter in terms of fire hazards, removing trash that attacts pests, maintaining a home(noticing leaks/clogs, small repairs, basic cleaning), yelling/banging/dangerous paranoia, animal hoarding. If you’ve worked in social services/APS, or assisted living, or group homes you know how tough it can be for some individuals to live successfully in an apartment setting but those same induviduals also just couldn’t manage owning their own Home and all the million responsibilities that come along with that.

    To get someone the mental health help they may need if they don’t want it, or as awful as it can seem to *force* them into a supportive living/Institutions is incredibly difficult to achieve. Someone mentally competent enough to be independent but who has issues has the right right now to live in personal filth and clutter but doesn’t have the right to do that in an apartment where they’re damaging the building, causing danger and nuisances to others. How do you house that Individual successfully? You can’t *force* them into supportive care and they destroy housing/nuisance they live in. Even if given ownership of a small home they may find themselves in a condemned situation and homeless again- sometimes in only a few years of clutter, animals, pests and broken plumbing/pooping in the yard/bags/diapers in a pile in the corner.

    In terms of homeless *due purely to poverty* it checks out; but the other prong of homelessness requires a bigger, better Supportsystem and figuring out somehow you can deal with individuals like I described.

    So yeah a living wage as minimum wage and more general rent Kontrols would be a huge giant leap towards ending a huge precentage of homelessness but there’s another side to it that is far more complex than providing more money and more, cheaper housing.