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A girl is invited to her boyfriend’s family dinner. But she made a mistake of eating a jumbo can of beans beforehand. When she is on her way, she feels the need to fart, but she figures she can wait until she gets to his house.

When she arrives, his parents are so happy to meet her. His parents immediately invite her to the dining table. Since dinner is almost ready, she feels bad to step out. She figures she can wait until dinner is over. Unfortunately, 15 minutes later, she can’t hold it any longer. At the same time, his family dog, Luke, just walks in and asks her attention under the dining table. She thinks that is the best timing to let it go. She squeezes out a toxic blast and hopes that they might blame Luke for the horrendous fart.

The guy’s father stands up and hollers “Luke! Go back to the living room” and sits back down.

She thinks “Great, they really think it’s the dog”

So, she starts bombarding the room with a couple, more powerful stinkers. Once again, the guy’s father stands up, shouts “Luke! You need to leave!” and sits back down.

Finally, she lets it all go and the smelt rippled through the dining room.

The guy’s father stands up again. “Luke, get the hell out of here or she will shit on you!”

Another funny joke posted by YZXFILE, originally seen on Reddit.



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