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A man runs into a pub all out of breath and asks at the first table:

“Guys, who’s got a big black fat dog with a white collar?”

Nobody raises their hand.

“Oh, shit, so I ran over the vicar.”

Another funny joke posted by Zephiron, originally seen on Reddit.



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  1. The seven dwarves went to the Vatican and when the Pope answered the door, Dopey stepped forward.
    “Your Excellency,” he said. “I wonder if you could tell me if there are any dwarf nuns in Rome?”

    “No, Dopey, there aren’t,” the Pope replied.

    Behind Dopey, the six dwarfs started to titter.

    “Well, are there any dwarf nuns in Italy?” Dopey persisted.

    “No, none in Italy,” the Pope answered more sternly.

    A few more dwarfs began to laugh openly.

    “Well, are there any dwarf nuns in Europe?”

    This time the pope was much more firm.

    “Dopey, there are no dwarf nuns in Europe.”

    By this point, the other dwarfs were laughing out loud and rolling on the ground.

    “Pope,” Dopey demanded. “Are there any dwarf nuns in the world?”

    “No Dopey!” He snapped. “There are no dwarf nuns anywhere in the world.”

    Whereupon the six dwarfs started jumping up and down chanting, “Dopey fucked a penguin! Dopey fucked a penguin!”

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