Betty White just turned 99 and she still doesn’t need glasses.

She drinks straight from the bottle.

Another funny joke posted by pickberries, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. Betty White hosting SNL: “People have told me that Facebook is a great way to get in touch with old friends. At my age, if I want to get in touch with old friends I’ll use a Ouija board.”

  2. It is really something all these well-known and talented people pushing or exceeding 100. In 1921, I wonder just how many famous people were that old — in 1921 these would have been roughly contemporaries of Grant, not that much younger than Lincoln himself — Catherine Deneuve’s mom is still alive, born 1911 and so just about a century younger than Lincoln (1809) — had Lincoln lived as long, he would have made it into WW1. And for Grant to have been alive in 1921 he would have only been as old as Betty White. But they really seem part of the very remote past, in part because few people lived so long.

    But some did. JD Rockefeller made it almost to 100 and funny thing is, I bet almost anyone would guess that Billy the Kid was much older but in fact, JDR was a full generation older than Billy — JDR made it from well before the internal combustion engine almost to the discovery of nuclear fission.

    Wait: none of the above was funny at all…

  3. On the Mary Tyler Moore show, the main character was written as a 20-something divorced woman with no kids. The Studio forced them to change her to “never married yet”. She worked at a TV station in the news department, and BW was her co-worker.

    One time, Mary asked BW how her date went Saturday night. “It was wonderful, I never had to tell him to start” (the opposite of “I had to keep telling him to stop hitting on me).

  4. My theory is that the real Betty White is cryogenically frozen and a much younger clone has taken her place. One day, she will be released as the prophecy is fulfilled and she can take her place as the rightful ruler of the cosmos.

  5. I’ve never actually stopped and re-read a joke on this sub while mindlessly scrolling through my feed. Congratulations, you wrote a good one. I’d award you but I yolo’d everything on GME.

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