How many Buzzfeed writers does it take to turn on an electric chair?

Ten. But number four will shock you.

Another funny joke posted by JesusSaves002, originally seen on Reddit.



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  1. Well if we are considering them as buzzfeed writers, i would suggest that 150 said that its the most cruel letahal device, another 50 that said it doesnt work, 30 that said its just a social construct. another 20 that said, its not a social construct we just invented it so we dont know if it even works.

    Those that said it was the most cruel device only 3 of them suggested that hanging was more humane. And zero of them said a lethal inection was less cruel.

    So if you ask buzzfeed, hanging is the most painfree device, and would use it on anyone that doesnt agree with their politics.

  2. And he isnt a man, because men only objectify women and would never respect them enough to turn on thier electric chair.

    Check out our next article. “How to tell a man’s penis size by the shape of his eyebrows”

  3. The *only* thing Buzzfeed’s ever possessed of any worth, to anyone possessing anything higher than the emotional skills of a seventh grade girl and the mental age of a cantaloupe,

    Are the Ghoul Boys

    Any Shaniacs around?

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