If we’re saying Amen and Awomen now…

Are we going to start having to sing hymns and herns?

Edit: hers to herns per a great suggestion

Another funny joke posted by Doctah_Feelgood, originally seen on Reddit.



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  1. All A*wo*mericans unite! It’s time to *wo*mend the flaws of our own language! The oppression is a*girl*t to end! **Can I get an a*wo*men to that?**

  2. Please someone tell me they’re not saying awomen. Please. I’m this close to fucking killing myself, please tell me we haven’t reached that point.

  3. “Why would you allow a prayer in a government building?!” – every country that actually believes in separation of church and state

  4. But wait. “awomen” still has “men” in it. We have to do “Awowomen”.

    Wait. Still there.


    Wait. Still.



  5. Amen – plural, meaning he’s blessing all men

    Awoman – singular, he’s only blessing one woman, probably his side chick


  6. Woman: “Menopause! Menstruation! Mental breakdown! All of women’s problems start with men!”

    Man: “Herpes…”

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