If you put Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz, and Rick Perry together in a room, who’s the first to realize they’re full of shit?

The room.

Another funny joke posted by MyfanwyTiffany, originally seen on Reddit.



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  1. I don’t know who any of these people are but it’s a good joke and I know many people whose names I could substitute instead

  2. This joke is so old it used to be if you put khufu khafre and menkaure together in a pyramid

    (Theyre pharoahs and the giza pyramids are named after them)

  3. A man is walking in the jungle and all of a sudden he falls into a lion pit (which is a hole in the ground covered with straw to trap lions). As his eyes adjust to the darkness he sees a lion, a rattle snake and a lawyer. Beginning to panic at the situation that he is in he reaches for his gun realizing that he has only two bullets. What does he do?

    He shoots the lawyer twice!

    Note: Everyone calm down. It’s just a joke I don’t advocate shooting anyone for any reason!

  4. Up until very recently, jokes like this would’ve been non-party-specific, such as “If you put Hillary, Trump, and Biden together…” It was “us” making fun of “them.” They’ve successfully managed to turn us against each other, me vs. you, my team making fun of your team. Just a thought.

  5. Remind me which one killed tens of thousands of elderly people by intentionally shoving Covid patients in nursing homes… wait, no, that was Cuomo.

    Oh but one of them did throw a wine party while everyone was forbidden from seeing their families for Thanksgiving… wait, no, that was Newsome.

    But what about the time Greg… shit that was Pelosi. Or… no, that was AOC.

    I guess I must’ve been confused as you see the media spend a whole week talking about a Cancun trip for someone on the right but a whole two minutes talking about mass murder when someone on the left did it.

  6. How about Cuomo, Newsom and Pelosi? They actually did ILLEGAL actions against their constituents! The hypocrisy is embarrassing.

  7. You know that spiderman meme where the different forms of spiderman are pointing at each other?

    I imagine it’s a lot like that, minus the superheros. Just 3 piles of shit pointing at each other.

  8. Written and directed by Tommy Wiseau, Starring Wiseau as Ted Cruz: “it’s not true, I did not go to Cancún, it’s not true (slams facemask) I did nooot, oh hai Greg!”

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