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In soviet Russia…

The President of Soviet Russia visited the U.S. After a long day of negotiations at the White House, the U.S. President asks his soviet colleague, what he would like for dinner. The Soviet President replied, that he would love to try the brains of an American.

A couple month later, the U.S. President visits Soviet Russia. After a long day at the Kreml, the Soviet President asks his colleague in return, what he would like for dinner, to which the U.S. President replied, he would love to try the brains of a soviet communist. Hours go by and the main dish still isn’t served. The Soviet President gets nervous and decides to take matters in his own hands. He rushes to the kitchen. As he enters the door he looks at a terrified chef cook, who is fully covered in blood. He asks him, why f\*\*\* the dish isn’t ready yet? The terrified cook replies: „I slaughtered already ten communists, but none of them had any brains.“

Another funny joke posted by fuchs194, originally seen on Reddit.



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