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My sex life is like COVID-19.

I don’t have COVID-19.

Another funny joke posted by MudakMudakov, originally seen on Reddit.



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  1. Yeah, I was really hoping the mask would make me appear more attractive. Turns out, women’s intuition doesn’t lose any sense during a pandemic.

  2. #Oooh, let me try a few…

    you have to go outside and be around other people to if you want someone to give you ~~sex~~ ^covid-19.


    having ~~sex~~^^covid-19 is more likely to kill older people and people with heart conditions.


    you can’t really have ~~sex~~ ^covid-19 without swapping some bodily fluids


    If you don’t use the proper protection and get ~~sex~~ ^covid-19 you’ll probably feel great at first, but you’re likely going to really regret it later.


    the group of people sharing the most ~~sex~~ ^covid-19 are between the ages of 20 and 30.


    The people who have the most intense ~~sex~~ ^covid-19 can often end up gagging as things are shoved down their throat

  3. Sex with me is like covid-19.

    Nobody wants it

    People wear a mask to avoid it

    It has a devastating effect on the elderly

    The US did a poor job of containing it

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