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My Sister is Obsessed With the Worst Guy Ever

To this day I don’t understand what my little sister sees in this guy. He’s unemployed and has absolutely no ambition to get a job. Not only does he rely on her for food but this fucker moved in as soon as they met despite my warnings to at least get to know him a little better before making such a drastic change in her life.

Does he do any work around the house? Of course not. He’s constantly looking to get out of the house and prowl around with his guy friends. Often he stays out late and refuses to explain where the fuck he’s been. He’s also really gross, leaving his hair all over the place and sometimes when he pisses he misses and doesn’t bother to clean up.

But my sister is enamored with him. She’ll constantly call him even when he’s blatantly ignoring her calls. She’ll beg for his attention but he’ll just turn away and act as if he didn’t hear her. This just makes her chase after him and he just hides away as if she weren’t trying to connect with him.

Yeah, I’m pretty fed up with my sister’s new cat.

Another funny joke posted by ValorTakesFlight, originally seen on Reddit.



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