My wife says if this post gets a 1000 likes, I can get anal on my cake day

Please upvote because I want this house to be spotless

Another funny joke posted by OskarW04, originally seen on Reddit.



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  1. I remember when Family Guy made this joke years ago.

    “Remember, Lois, our agreement was if I do this for you, when we get home I get anal.”

    “No matter how much work it is, you don’t get to stop cleaning until I say it’s done.”

  2. A girl wants to go out with her friends for the day so she asks her dad to borrow the car. The dad, hesitant to let his daughter take the car says “You only can take it if you give me a blowjob”. She obliges and begins to give her dad a blowjob.

    She quickly stops and says “Ew dad your dick tastes like shit!”

    Dad: “Oh right, your brother has the car.”

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