Satan is giving a new demon trainee a tour of Hell

Their first stop is a huge cauldron full of lava, completely surrounded by frantic demons punching, kicking, and stabbing at the occupants.

The demon asks Satan, “what’s going on over there?”

Satan replies, “Oh, that’s for the Jews. Boy, they’re a lot of trouble. Any time one of them tries to escape, the rest all rally behind, so it’s a constant struggle to keep them in.”

Next, they pass a cauldron with a bunch of demons lounging around it looking bored. The demon asks, “what about that one?”

Satan says, “That’s for the Poles. Every now and then, one tries to escape, but the rest don’t care, so we just toss them back.”

Finally, they come to a cauldron with no guards at all. The demon points this out and asks why.

Satan gives a chuckle. “Ha, that one is for the Russians. Whenever any of them try to escape, the rest grab them and haul them back in!”

Another funny joke posted by nitrokitty, originally seen on Reddit.



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