Size does matter

Three men are marooned on a desert island desperately seeking a way to get off. A cannibal approaches them and flops his penis out. ‘If the length of your three penises put together is as big as mine, then I’ll show you a way to get off the island,’ he says. ‘But otherwise you’ll be killed and eaten.’

The native’s love muscle was a staggering 20 inches. The first man got his out, and it was 10 inches. The second man then produced a 9-inch knob. Realizing they only needed 1 inch to go, the first two men were quietly confident. The third got his penis out, and it was only 1 inch long.

After some tense calculations, the native says, ‘Okay, you’ve equalled the length of my penis. I have a boat which you can use to escape.’

While sailing away on the boat, the first man says to the other two, ‘You’re lucky I’ve got a 10-inch penis.’

And the second says, ‘You’re lucky I’ve got a 9-inch penis.’

To which the third man replies, ‘And you’re lucky I had an erection.’

Another funny joke posted by hdlt21, originally seen on Reddit.



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