The Genius & the Moron

A renound Psychologist decides that he wants to conduct a test on two young children to determine which was a genius and which, maybe not so much.

He acuired two five year old subjects: Johnny and Billy.

He sat them each down separately and offered them a deal:

“I will give you one Almond Joy right now and you can eat it and be done with this. Or two Almond Joys in five minutes, if you can sit here patiently and wait.”

Johnny thought about it for a second and said, “I’ll take it now, thanks.”

Billy on the other hand, carefully considered the question, staring in concentration at considering the outcomes. Finally, he looked up and said “Two?”

The Psychologist concluded the obvious, that Billy was a genius and Johnny a moron. He was able to realize that in waiting patiently, his reward would double.

The Psychologist wrote a paper on the study and was broadly praised.

What he had failed to do is ask the simple question: “Why did you choose that?” Of either party.

Had he done so, he would have found out that Billy hadn’t heard the question, and only picked two because it was the bigger number, and that Johnny’s Mommy had told him that as soon as they’d got done with all this “Dr Business” she would take him for ice cream, so he didn’t see any reason to wait around for five more minutes.

Another funny joke posted by southwoodhunter, originally seen on Reddit.



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