There was a very, very unlucky man with a single testicle.

One day, he went on a plane. Unfortunately, a malfunction occurred. The flight crew announced that the plane was going down and one of the passengers had to be thrown out to reduce weight.

To determine the victim, passengers drew lots, and the unlucky man was chosen. He refused furiously, saying “No, I lived a miserable life because of my bad luck and I refuse to let it dictate the end of my days!”

Passengers drew lots for the second time, he was chosen again. He refused for the second time, with less determination.

When the lots were drawn for the third time, his name was chosen once more. He refused again.

Finally, when his name appeared again after the fourth ballot, he said:

“OK, I agree to jump off the plane on one condition. You have to guess this correctly: What is the total number of testicles of me and the man in front of me?”

Passengers looked at each other with slight surprise and a grin on their faces and said “Four, of course!”. The man laughed at them saying “No! You’re wrong, as you see!” while revealing his proud, single testicle to them. Then the other man pulled down his pants…

He had three testicles.

Another funny joke posted by L0J1MA, originally seen on Reddit.



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  1. A man had 3 testicles and was very concerned about it so he asked his doctor what he could do about it.
    The doctor replied that if he talked to people about his problem it could help.
    So man took the bus home and sat next to another man and said ” You know, between us both we have 5 testicles “.
    The other man turned around and said “Why, do you only have one?”

  2. Ok, but seriously now, my grandpa has only 1 testicle because he let, when he was 18, a heavy weight fall on top of his other one.

    Yeah imagining the pain makes me cringe, and I always think of that when someone mentions “1” and “testicle” in the same phrase

  3. A man with a high squeaky voice went to see a witch doctor.
    “Doctor doctor! Is there anything you can do about my voice? I want it lowered and more manly”
    The doctor made a suggestion, “I heard one way to lower your voice is to cut off your testicles.”
    “Cut off my testicles! ? No way! I’m not doing that!” said the man.
    The next day he went swimming at the beach. Just then he saw a shark fin sticking out of the water fast approaching.

    He screamed in his high squeaky voice “Swim to shore! Swim to shore!” (Then in a lowered manly voice) “There’s a shark coming!”

    *joke is better in audio form*

  4. I have had only one testicle since I was around 6 months old. Let me tell you, nothing unlucky about the little guy. It’s like a four leaf clover in your pants.

  5. When i was a kid i went to summer camp with a kid who claimed he was born with 3 testys. When he was a baby he had the extra one removed. Then when he was a young boy he crashed his bike into a fence and lost one. Born with three and now only has one.

  6. NSFW fun fact about myself: ive not only dated a guy with 3 testicles, but ive also dated a guy with only 1.

    I started a new job this week, but I unfortunately can’t share this in my intros.

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