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Three doctors are sitting in a bar.

Three doctors are sitting in a bar, telling each other about the most impressive procedures they’ve done.

The first doctor says “I once operated on a man who lost his entire arm in a woodworking accident. I reattached it in 4 hours and now he’s a major league pitcher.

The second doctor says “I once operated on a man who shattered both of his legs after falling out of a tree. I set all the bars and screws in 3 hours and now he’s an olympic marathon runner.

The third doctor smirks, finishes his drink, and says “I once operated on a man who was in a terrible car accident. He swerved off the road, hit a post, and went through the windshield into a cow pasture. His skull broke open and his brains went everywhere. I scooped up all the brains, albeit with some cow shit, stuffed them back in, and patched up his skull in 2 hours, and now he’s the president of the United States.

Another funny joke posted by Far-Horizons, originally seen on Reddit.



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