What is a Karen called in Europe?

An American

Another funny joke posted by I-have-a-brain-too, originally seen on Reddit.



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  1. My German boss told me this,” If a person that speaks 3 languages is called trilingual, And a person that speaks 2 languages is called bilingual, then what do you call a person that only speaks 1 language?”

    “An American”

  2. I could have sworn that I saw the same joke not so long ago in r/jokes
    Someone responded with Amerikaren or something.

  3. In Holland we used to call Karen’s “kort pittig kapsel” which means “short spicy haircut” and I think that’s beautiful.

  4. Congratulations. OP took a post from a few months ago and pretended they posted an original joke. Smh. It was funny at first but this is pitiful.

  5. As an American I want to visit Europe so bad but I’m afraid everyone there will be a complete cunt and hate me for no reason!

    Edit: you guys are awfully serious for a joke subreddit. Also to clarify I don’t care what Europeans think of me, and I would hope they think the same way

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