Another cool comic posted by davecontra, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. I always try to trap them and set them outside. A few I have a treaty with that if they don’t climb on me or my wife then they’re good to go in their little corners. So far it’s been pretty good

  2. Glass cup. Piece of mail. Outside. Simple, easy, karmically safe. I like to think about how the spiders just show up in foreign communities like “greetings, I come from another land. The gods brought me here in their spaceship”

  3. “Curiously enough, the only thing that went through the mind of the bowl of petunias as it fell was Oh no, not again. Many people have speculated that if we knew exactly why the bowl of petunias had thought that we would know a lot more about the nature of the Universe than we do now.”


  4. I catch everything in my apartment with a glas and set it free, be it spider, bee, bug or fly, for a similiar reason depicted in the comic.

    If they knew the scenario they were in they would not want to be in the apartment, you often even see flies trying to escape but the magical window barrier just doesn’t let you escape.

    I have gotten really good at catching flies, over 90% of the time I catch them with the first try, it is a skill I am kinda proud of that nobody cares about.

    That said, there are scenarios where I begrudgingly kill intruders: when they start taking over the apartment and are a risk for the balance, like fruit flies and ants.

    A whilr ago I saw an ant runing around, got a shotglay, and brought it out. Three minutes later the second one, then a third one. After the 9th shotglay and a bunch of inprisoned ants I finally noticed that they made their way through a crack in the wall and were storming the room, which forced my hand to spray the area with poison.

    At that pointy karmic mercy has to revert back to brutal force. Same goes for fruit flies, if you don’t handle them quickly they multiply to an unhealthy amount, which is why I don’t mind having spiders runing around as well as natural hunters for intruders.

    Fun fact: next time you have a fly on your monitor, try playing catch with it with your mouse pointer, some play around with it like it is a game (my theory is that flies who grew up indoors are more prone to doing this).

  5. I love living with spiders. I try to avoid harming their webs unless the webs are getting unused and gross. If a spider is in my house I generally just try to leave them alone and express my appreciation when I see them. If a spider becomes a problem, they go outside. I don’t have to worry about many flies or other pests in my house, and most cultures seem to consider spiders good omens of fortune and prosperity.

    I used to be really afraid of spiders but then I realized jumping spiders are ADORABLE and just ran with it.

  6. I don’t believe in Karma but I do believe every animal has the same right to live as I do, and it’s own desires and destiny. Not to mention spiders do a great service in my house by trapping flies.

    However we as humans have a right to protect our home and bodies from bugs! Here are some compassionate ways to do that.

    1. Exclusion is the most compassionate pest control. Many companies who offer rodent/pest elimination also can help seal off entry points.

    2. Wear mosquito repellent outside. Mosquitos suck but they’re also part of our ecosystem and wanna live. So repelling them means you don’t have to squish them while they’re sipping on your tasty blood.

    3. As some have mentioned you can remove spiders by trapping them. Maybe it’s just me but it’s actually *less* upsetting to do it this way rather than feeling that terrible crunch.

    4. If you encounter a wild animal in distress and are worried about rabies, distemper (which can look like rabies) or just not sure what to do, look for local Wildlife Rescue (*not* Animal Control) They can advise you on how to take the animal in or whether they can collect it.

    Thanks for letting me preach a little, we share the world with these animals but it doesn’t mean we have to share our homes with them, just there are simple ways to exclude them without cruelty.

  7. What if every time you have a tingle or a weird sensation/itch on your skin, it’s the ghost of a bug/spider you’ve killed, and this is how they haunt you for killing them? I should smoke less weed, methinks.

  8. I think the 3rd panel would be funnier if it was a bit shorter – “holy shit, is that 8-year old me?” conveys the same idea – we can see that he’s a spider and the newspaper so no need to say it. The “realization” on panel 4 is funnier at that point too because less is said on panel 3.