Mastectomy tattoo, one year out. Sean McCartney, Karma Ink, Ilion, NY

Mastectomy tattoo, one year out. Sean McCartney, Karma Ink, Ilion, NY

Another cool tattoo posted by Mistress_Stephanie, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. My wife just beat breast cancer. Double mastectomy. But she luckily got to keep her nipples.

    Her reconstruction looks fantastic (and so dose yours).

    I admire the strength of anyone who can fight cancer with grace.
    Best of luck to you.

  2. It’s so beautiful! I’m always curious how artists react in these situations. Are you comfortably sharing your experience with the artist while this piece was being done?

    Genuine curiosity on my part. I suspect your response is going to be wholesome.

  3. Really beautiful work. If you’re interested check out a documentary I am working on (my wife is directing) which features a lot of people with scar tattoos including a few mastectomy survivors.

    Their social channels feature a lot of images of awesome tattoos like yours and shout out the artists too so if you were interested I bet they’d share your image too.

    Congrats on being so badass in a shit situation.

  4. Gorgeous! I love the moon and how well it fades into the background. Having solidly outlined stuff mixed with shaded items creates such fun depth.

    Hope all goes well health-wise for you. Thank you for sharing!!

  5. Beautiful OP. I always wanted my Mom to do this! I wanted to get an orchid tattoo, and I wanted her to get a large orchid over her chest. Unfortunately we weren’t able to accomplish that, but Ive found so much beauty in mastectomy tattoos

    My mom talked a lot about how her cancer de-sexed her. She lost her breasts, and eventually her hair. I think that these tattoos are a beautiful way to reclaim your femininity.

  6. Tattoo looks amazing! After market breast game strong!
    My mom is going through surgeries and treatments right now actually. I’m brca positive and will be having prophylactic surgeries in a few years. I am terrified and always googling breasts post reconstruction just to know what to expect so seeing how beautiful yours are gives my mind some ease! Thank you for sharing.