Mr Popular

Mr Popular

Another cool comic posted by eldercactus, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. Was watching TV with my wife one night and she was having like 3-4 text conversations going. Then I heard my text notification and I made some comment like, “oh, someone wants to be my friend.” Grab my phone and it was Verizon telling me my bill was due. Still haven’t lived that down.

  2. Ha, I have so many friends, I get text from them all the time saying that they owe me money and all I have to do is enter my credit card information so they can send me the money.

    I’m so popular.

  3. I used to never care about Snapchat notifications because none of my friends used it, so I always knew that the only snaps I got were from team Snapchat. But I recently made a good friend who *does* use Snapchat and they sent me snaps almost every day. But we’ve recently had a falling out so on Labor Day, for the first time ever, I got a snap expecting it to be a friend and it was just Team Snapchat. It hurt a bit 🙂