‘12 Mighty Orphans’ Review: A Team Effort

Based on a true story of Texas high school football in the Great Depression, this film treats viewers like children.

‘12 Mighty Orphans’ Review: A Team Effort

The New York Times – by Ben Kenigsberg

Inspired by a true story of parentless teenagers whose tenacity on the gridiron raised spirits in the late 1930s, “12 Mighty Orphans” is a plodding football drama in which the characters talk to one another like folksy social workers. The condescending tone extends to a voice-over from Martin Sheen, who plays an orphanage physician. He brings viewers up to speed on American history (“It’s hard to remember which came first, the Dust Bowl, or the Great Depression”) and the movie’s message. The team’s coach, Sheen’s character narrates, “knew that football would inevitably bring self-respect to these boys.”

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