7 New Science Fiction and Fantasy Books to Read

Seven books comb through history, travel to distant planets and imagine our A.I. future.

7 New Science Fiction And Fantasy Books To Read

The New York Times – by Amal El-Mohtar

The year’s nearly over, and it’s hard to remember where it went. Most people I know have complained about memory problems, provoked by difficult times and traumatic events, and compounded by the redactions and distortions of social media. We know we all remember things a little differently, with reality fracturing into competing narratives the further we get from any given occurrence. But when disaster is near-universal and the gulf of disagreement vast, it’s easy to question our own recollections as suspect. Here, then, are books full of dueling paradigms, uncertain and chancy remembrance — with the past looming both as a resource and as a nightmare, and the future at its mercy.

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