A Dynamic Duo, on and Off the Stage

Julie Benko needed a piano player to accompany her at a gig. She found one, along with a future husband, when she met Jason Yeager at a Starbucks in 2013.

A Dynamic Duo, On And Off The Stage

The New York Times – by Peter Libbey

It was through music, not movement, that Julie Benko and Jason Yeager first introduced themselves as a married couple to their 107 friends and family members. After their June 5 ceremony in New York’s Hudson Valley, the bride and groom performed “Always,” a song Ms. Benko wrote for Mr. Yeager in the first few months they were dating. They eventually made their way to the dance floor, once their band picked up the tune. But it was important, they said, to kick off the festivities with what first brought them together.

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