Es Devlin Takes a Turn at Center Stage

Es Devlin Takes A Turn At Center Stage

The New York Times – Farah Nayeri

Es Devlin said she had been struck by the geographical beauty of Miami and that it might someday be swallowed by the sea. This is a rendering of her “Forest of Us,” which was conceived for Miami, where, she said, “the flood feels more poignantly imaginable than elsewhere.”
Es Devlin Studio

Work by the stage designer, known for setting the scene for high-wattage fashion and stars like Beyoncé, is to be a headliner when Superblue debuts in Miami.

LONDON — She has created stadium extravaganzas for Beyoncé and Kanye West, fashion shows for Louis Vuitton, and theater sets for Harold Pinter. Now the stage designer Es Devlin, having collaborated with many of the greats, is getting ready for her own show.

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