How HBO’s dreary ‘Gilded Age’ fails the tumultuous era it depicts

Julian ‘Downton Abbey’ Fellowes fields an American period drama and turns a chaotic time in an exciting city into humorless historical bullet points.

How Hbo'S Dreary 'Gilded Age' Fails The Tumultuous Era It Depicts

Los Angeles Times – by Robert Lloyd

In HBO’s “The Gilded Age,” Julian “Downton Abbey” Fellowes transfers his interest in rich people and the people who serve them from early 20th century England to late 19th century New York. Once again, it’s an upstairs-downstairs, extravagantly dressed soap opera set against a background of social change, as a self-styled aristocracy enamored of its own blood clashes with modernity, including a younger generation less interested in their parents’ way of doing things.

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