‘Isolation’ Review: Dispatches From a Different Pandemic

In an anthology of nine short films made during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, people around the world fight to survive.

‘Isolation’ Review: Dispatches From A Different Pandemic

The New York Times – by Lena Wilson

Given that horror films tend to reflect our anxieties back at us, manifesting them into solid, solvable problems like zombie hordes or possessed houses, it makes sense that movie lovers have turned to the genre for comfort during the coronavirus pandemic. Filmmakers have likewise mined this moment for terrifying inspiration. Last summer Shudder released “Host,” a collaborative horror film made entirely over Zoom. Now “Isolation,” a collection of nine short horror films set all over the globe, offers stories of survival created under the limitations of quarantine. Though there are a few standout creations, the anthology is mostly muddled, privileging a heightened version of 2020 over a reality that was plenty scary on its own.

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