NY AG Letitia James reluctantly outs Team Cuomo’s nursing-home horrors

James soft-pedals criticism of her political patron and his mad mandate that sent COVID-positive patients into the state’s most vulnerable population, but the facts she presents are damning enough. More, she notes the lack of evidence for Cuomo’s claim that nursing-home staff, not his edict, spread the deadly virus, killing thousands.

Ny Ag Letitia James Reluctantly Outs Team Cuomo’s Nursing-Home Horrors

The New York Post – by Post Editorial Board

Attorney General Letitia James has finally, and reluctantly, confirmed the ugly truth that Gov. Cuomo’s people have long strived to conceal but most New Yorkers suspected: The number of nursing-home residents who’ve died from COVID-19 is much higher than Cuomo’s administration claims — likely more than 50 percent higher.

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