Review: ‘Greenland’ delivers a Giant Comet 2020, extinction-level event

Gerard Butler stars in the disaster thriller "Greenland," about a comet raining extinction-level debris on Earth.

Review: 'Greenland' Delivers A Giant Comet 2020, Extinction-Level Event

Los Angeles Times – by Katie Walsh

Ever seen one of those “Giant Comet 2020” joke political bumper stickers? That’s essentially the premise of “Greenland,” a disaster thriller starring Gerard Butler, helmed by his “Angel Has Fallen” director Ric Roman Waugh. The title and premise conjure up visions of heaving CGI glaciers, “Day After Tomorrow”-style catastrophically climate-changed weather events, and one man who tries to stop them all. But the script, by Chris Sparling, is refreshingly scaled to human size, and after living through the events of 2020, the chaos and capriciousness of human decision-making during the apocalypse depicted in “Greenland” is all too plausible.

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