[OC] Modern Art

[Oc] Modern Art

Another cool comic posted by colmscomics, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. The current use of NFTs/crypto is my favourite “this is useless and stupid shit” topic.

    Now mind you, I have NOTHING against the technology per se, other than it outrageous energy demand which is apparently being worked on.

    Currently what to do with cryptos and crypto technology? Speculate and make money. Alright… And? All the current uses of this amazing piece of technology are just… stupid. All crypto tech currently is made just so people can trade cryptos on them. But the cryptos don’t do anything! The NFTs aren’t used for anything!

    Yeah cryptobros come up with all these amazing decentralised this and that ideas. But I fail to see the benefit of these decentralised these and thats. And all suggestions they make are so god damn fucking nieche that there already is a solution for it if there would be a will to use them. But lets be honest, the shady shit that nft/crypto could solve, is something that people with money and influence exploit to have more money and influence.

    Like a mate of mine has a debit card he can pay things with using crypto. He goes on about how amazing it is to pay for things with crypto and how shit VISA system is. The card has a massive VISA logo on it, because it works using Euros, but he is just billed in crypto.

    Like we got this potentially amazing piece of tech with massive energy bill used for fuck all. When it could be used for many things.

    My current biggest problem with the NFT art is that. You making an NFT of something is just a claim that you own something. Right OK. Nothing wrong with that. But when you buy it or make it, the only way anyone can trust that you had the right to make that claim is your word. Lots of artists have complained that they have had their art stolen and minted in to NFT without their permission. So much so that some sites (like deviantart) offer a service to alert you about when a picture similar to one you have uploaded is made in to an NFT.

    I can make an NFT to say I won Belgium. It is a valid and real NFT. But I have absolutely no right to claim that I own Belgium.

  2. Using nonfungible token tech for bad art is dumb, buying one for $10,000 is dumber, but thinking that you can steal something that is literally “nonfungible” is the dumbest.