Permian Park

Permian Park

Another cool comic posted by DanbyDraws, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. Hi, I’m Danby, thanks for reading my comic. You can always check out more at [my website](

    The Permian age was the one right before the Triassic, which was the “dawn” of the dinosaurs. Before that, the land was mostly ruled by therapsids, which were relatives of mammals, just like how dinosaurs were relatives of birds.

    The creatures we see here in the panels are the dimetrodon, inostrancevia, and ivantosaurus, respectively. I decided to put some fur on the inostrancevia just as a bit of fun. Experts aren’t sure when hair first appears on the ancestors of mammals, so it might have been present as far back as the Permian. It’s honestly unlikely it was appearing on the large carnivores, but we’ll probably never really know.

  2. need more little kids and undereducated parents constantly pointing and saying “look at the dinosaurs” while the exasperated tour guide corrects them with the dead expression of a man who has corrected this a million times yet never does his efforts of correct ever seem to make a difference in the world of misconceptions…. you know, for a friend.

  3. +1 for awesome knowledge drop.

    -1 for going the wrong direction. The correct answer is Cretaceous. Cretaceous period is best period. Teeth are for losers. Winners have tail clubs/spikes and horns. And armor. Lots and lots of armor.